about us

was born from a strong desire of breaking down the traditional codes and barriers, by showing the brand’s potential and consolidating its position in the menswear industry.

Particularly attentive to the market’s needs, the brand offers versatile collections that arouse curiosity in young people thanks to a bold, sophisticated style, while also being capable of intriguing mature men and formal dressing lovers.

Loft1 is first of all the emblem of a strong passion and love for the made-in-Italytradition; hence the quality of its fabrics is an essential aspect in its Research & Development process for new collections.

the origins

The Loft1 brand has started its business activity into the Fashion industry on August2012, starting from an idea of “rebellion”. Determination, audacity and character have made Loft1 become a consolidated brand into day’s market. Our mission is that of  “making people happier” with our clothing articles, which have always been a reference point for the Urban style across the cities. The Italian market and the international markets demand for quality and not so obvious ideas.

the market

“Being there” in a period of time characterised by deep changes is one of our top strengths, helping us to become a constant reference brand. Through our sales agents and distribution channels, we can effectively distribute our products across Italy, including the islands. Our collections are sold inmedium-high end multibrand stores. We also operate in Japan and Korea, as well as in Northern Europe: our objective is that of expanding towards the international market.

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