Vittorio Pedri

Loft1 lands in the Padel Open Tour

There will be more than seven months where Loft1 will partner the Padel Open Tour 2022: Open tournament circuit organized by the Fit Emilia Romagna Committee in collaboration with Match Point and Net-Gen.

Vittorio Pedri, owner and designer of Loft1, is passionate about Padel, a sport full of positive values, such as respect, sharing and team spirit. This passion of his has led him to design a series of specific products for this sport, in particular elegant and leather bags and totes to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

There are certainly 3 stages in which Loft1 will be present, the first at the Mima in Milano Marittima which will be held from 20 to 22 May, followed by the stage at the Cervia Padel 1994 from 15 to 17 July until concluding at the Padel Club in Riccione from 2 to 4 September.

But that’s not all, because Loft1 will also be present in all the stages providing a rich prize pool starting from the first stage on March 24th at The Wall in Ravenna, up to the last one at the Piacenza Padel Center on October 21st.

In fact, there are 24 stages on the calendar that touch the whole regional territory and then conclude with the Final Master with a date yet to be defined between the end of October and the beginning of November. Which the first 32 male players and the first 16 female players of the points ranking will be admitted takes into account the results obtained in the various tests.

As Michele Cotelli says, padel delegate of the regional Fit committee, “Padel growth is dizzying: we have reached 300 fields in the region, over 200 of which are affiliated. We are the third region in the national context as an absolute number and the first in the relationship between members and inhabitants” and Loft1 could not miss this wonderful opportunity.

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