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Christmas Loft1

The Christmas Time has always been that long-awaited period of the year for both adults and children, during which the atmosphere is tinged with magic, colors and lots of happiness.

In fact everyone anxiously awaits the night of Christmas Eve to unwrap the many desired gifts.

Everyone knows that “at Christmas, everyone is better”, in fact Loft1 has also many gifts and news to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

What is the Loft1 Advent Calendar?

A lot of joy (and discounts) that fill many houses and many trees, to give a smile to all Christmas lovers.

Discounts start from Wednesday 1st December until the Christmas Eve on 24th December, in particular:

From Wednesday 1st December to Monday 6th December are the days dedicated to Trousers‘ discounts, during which the second article is at half price. Following, from Tuesday 7th December to Sunday 12th December always with the same formula, are the days dedicated for Shirts‘ promotions.

While from Monday 13th December to Saturday 18th December the promotion involves Jackets and Waistcoat; days during which, with the purchase of a jacket, you can buy another jacket or waistcoat at half price. Finally, from Sunday 19th December to Friday 24th December are the last days of promotion that see Sweaters as protagonists, where you pay the second sweater at half price.

Hoping to make an appriciated campaign for the all Loft1 audience, we wish everyone happy and peaceful Holidays.

Best wishes!

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